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!! OMG, now he’s shirtless: Prince Harry !!

Looks like some enterprising young soldier took advantage of being stationed with Harry.

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    Harry looks good dirty and sweaty. Dirty Harry…..mmmmmm


    his father was a strapping bloke in his day too (not Charles).

    Damn, woof! Always thought he was the hottie,not the bro, now I am SURE of it.

    damn he’s hot. love to see if the carpet matches the drapes, lol. would love to salute him with my big soldier

    hes so hot!

    YUM! I love a redhead anyway, but that Apollo’s girdle…wow

    that’s hot!!!

    hey is so fine!!!! i’ve always thought he was way hotter than william and boy does this pic ever prove it would love to take this man on in the bedroom =]

    Now if we could just get that same enterprising photog so shoot lower… and in the shower! Extremely hot body, though!!

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