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!! OMG, so good: Tacos !!

I’m in New York this week and just last night had some amazing Mexican food from BONITA in Williamsburg. I wanted to try everything but only had room for Lime Soup, Tortilla Chips and Guacamole, Mexican Corn (my new favourite thing in the world), Deep Fried Fish Tacos, Michelada, and Sangria.
It almost beats my other fave cheap eats spot in New York, CARACAS.
Hope you’ll still like me when I weigh 600 pounds!

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    Ooooo! Do they have Black Bart’s Cave there?!?!? I love Casa Bonita!

    Thanks for the tip on a good Mexican place to go that’s not too far away from my ‘hood!
    In other news: have you seen this pig?

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