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!! OMG, ew: The Montauk Monster !!

Apparently this beast washed up on shore in Montauk a couple days ago. I smell a marketing campaign, but who the hell knows? Read the full story HERE.

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    That’s a raccoon.

    ok this is near where i live, so thats kinda REALLY scary.

    Frankly, I have to agree with a commenter on another page because it actually fits what we’re potentially seeing…it looks like a sea turtle without it’s shell, which could have been forcibly removed from it or a simple genetic defect, who knows.

    Looks like a hairless koala

    Chances are, this is some sort of mink or other poor creature used for fur. If you haven’t seen the disgusting videos of animals being skinned alive, you should check them out. No, I’m not a PETA freak – they scare me more than Middle Eastern Terrorists. But, this looks very much like one of the animals out of that video. It’s literally kicking and flailing as its skin is ripped off while it’s alive; then it is thrown carelessly into a wagon filled with other still alive skinless creatures. It probably just got dumped somewhere and washed up on the beach.

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