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!! OMG, he’s naked: Alberto Tomba !!

Retired Olympic athlete Alberto Tomba won three golds and two silvers for alpine skiing. See “Tomba la Bomba’s” bits and bobs after the jump, and happy Olympics to everyone or some shit.
Thanks to CBE for the tip.
(Image Source)

And some more photos, courtesy of Gary S:

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    bel pisellone e pure gran bei coglioni non c’è che dire

    Tomba the bomba!!! What great thighs and sighs!!!

    wow! those are pretty big bits and bobs

    He could have two more inches if he just trimmed!

    post more!! lol

    That’s so hot!!

    LMAO @ the “first” dumbass. We don’t do that shit here. Grow up.

    there are so many more naked pics of him.

    Ewww… he looks like cro-magnon man. This feels wrong, it’s like looking at one of the kids who rode the short bus to school in the changeroom during junior-high gym class.

    I agree with you Jason, that is a nice dick and bush

    Is that a scan of your autographed photo?

    first! kinda nice

    Yummy! God I miss the days of a full bush!

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