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!! OMG, he’s the perfect fit: Brian Kalk !!

Political candidate BRIAN KALK has a really unfortunate last name for a guy running for public office. But to make matters worse, he has a really suggestive slogan to go with his name, calling himself a “perfect fit”.
It really boggles my mind when public figures who have phallic surnames don’t bother to focus group everything in their campaigns.
Thanks to Spence for the Kalk tip.

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    Dumb post. You are wasting my time! Post something better than this and that dumb Tatu thing! Sad fan.

    i think he’s referring to caulk being a perfect fit. at any rate his hairdo makes him look like a total dork.

    how lame–this is the best post you can come up with? Pathetic

    I think he’s actually playing on the word caulk, since you use that to patch up things. It’s kind of paste-like, so it would fit pretty much everywhere.

    I don’t get it.

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