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!! OMG, new Kylie video: ‘The One’ !!

The video for “The One,” Kylie Minogue‘s new single (and my second-favorite track) from her album X, has all the elements of a perfect Kylie video: high glamour couture, a guy in a speedo writhing around on the ground, and a healthy dose of Kylie’s trannie fierceness.
Check out the video for my favorite X track “Like a Drug” Kylie’s single “Wow” after the jump, which incorporates all of the above with a dash of club kid thrown in for good measure.

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    You’d have to be seriously on some drugs to enjoy the repetitious dizzying pattern of that video — the song is OK; but the video just feels very low-budget.
    If I want to watch Kylie in a repeating-style video, I’d rather watch “Come Into My World” — and IMO she hasn’t made any really good videos since that one. Not even “Slow” with all those naked bodies.

    I prefer “The One” – but that video is not for “Like a Drug” – it’s the video for Wow that someone has edited and replace the music to…

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