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!! OMG, they’re naked: Filipino indie film stars !!

The most risque photoshoot a Western film star might ever do would be to show the tiniest bit of manicured bush for the totally prudish Cosmopolitan UK “naked centerfold” feature.
In the Philippines, the bar is raised as there is way more than pube going on. There is actually way more than top of the penis going on. In the second volume of Climax magazine, stars of indie film get very steamy for the camera. Now if only the Americans would follow suit.
Check out the sexiest NSFW highlights after the jump.

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    i like the artistry here. great pictures.

    not too into asian men, but filipinos are a whole other animal! its gotta be the spanish blood or something- HOT!

    What an odd pattern of not showing the whole dick. I hope this doesn’t start a trend.

    Yes… hopefully Americans will follow suit… hopefully Americans will finally be able to deal with the fact that men do, in fact, have genitals!


    Damn I likes me some Phillipino indie film boys!

    Umm, let’s not stray into racist territory here, folks. If the men are hot, then they’re hot. I read that as “Asians are usually icky, but these are hotter b/c they’re part Spanish”.
    Filipinos were either forced to take on Spanish names by the Spanish colonial gov’t, or encouraged to through assimiliation efforts. As far as I’ve read, there wasn’t a lot of mixing going on.
    And even if there was…it’s kind of like saying Africans are gross, but Black Americans are tasty; it must be the white in them. Even if it’s true, it’s tacky to say so. I know we all have the right to our personal preferences, but some of those preferences can be built upon subconscious prejudices, and exposing that could be avoided by just saying some men are hot and leaving it at that.

    Hot hot hot. And very nice girth for Asian guys.

    cool! these boys have finally penetrated the international blog world.lol.as hot as they may seem in the pics, they’re much hotter in person.2 of the boys, i have slept with.they even posed together in one pic.(the construction boys theme pic).they’re both hoes but really really nice, not only the personalities but the packages as well. 🙂

    Not to bemoan the integrity of this, um, art…but in the photo where the young man is wearing tighty-whities, doesn’t it appear that he’s begun to wet himself? Not completely hot, unless you’re into that sort of thing.
    Other than that, nice pictures. I’d appreciate some full-head action, but I’ll take what I can get.

    I wanna take them home and…

    i think they are all gorgeous!!! id lick the sweat and grime off of each and every one of them! the one where hes licking towards his armpit especially hot!!! emmm i d lick it for days!!

    fucking hot!
    i want more! lol

    Filipinos has Spanish last names that’s all there is too it. There is no Spanish in our blood, in our culture yes, but in our genes, it’s 100% Malay, and maybe some Chinese and/or Japanese. There were no intermarriages back in the 15 to the 18 Century between Indios and Spaniards. The Mestizos you see today are either Chinese Mestizo, Japanese Mestizo or Eurasians or Amerasians which are present generation.

    RESPONSE TO KLARTH: No previous post said “Asians are icky.” One previous poster politely said that Asians weren’t *his* thing. That means he is not attracted to Asians. That’s not racist. He could only have Asian friends, but just doesn’t like to sleep with them. If not being attracted to or wanting to sleep with a particular group meant you somehow hated that group, then as a gay man, I would be misogynistic. Don’t be so quick to call someone a racist.

    Racism is prejudice in action. If someone really simply thought that Asians “weren’t his thing,” then why the need to not only view these photos, but to also comment on them? That’s where racism comes in. Internet anonymity doesn’t excuse any of it.

    That’s still not racism. You are attracted to whomever you are attracted to. Period. It doesn’t mean you hate those you don’t date. And you can comment on and view anything you want, online or in person. Perhaps he was curious to see an Asian guy naked, saw this opprotunity and took. Then realized, they *really* aren’t his thing. He tried….

    Reply 2 FilAm
    You’re sort of wrong at that. There are some regions of the Phils. where Spaniards did mix a bit. -_- My grampa’s pure spanish and so is my great grampa….if you manage to see any of them they look pretty much white LOL but yes theyre pure spanish. I’m sort of the result of all that mix, spanish, chinese and a hint of dutch

    I’m sorry; anyone who finds these well set-up young gentlemen “not his thing” needs his eyes – or something else – checked.
    Beauty is beauty, and should be acknowledged.

    To FilAm: Spaniards invaded our country and we duely ran them out but some stayed and mixed with our blood and thats where the spanish last names come from.. from our spanish ancestors. 🙂

    and is it even necesary to say “not too into asian men”? if you’re not, you’re not, but there’s no need to verbally perpetuate more exclusiveness and shallowness in the gay community.

    Guy in the last picture is cute =]

    Any pics of Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby?

    that might not even be their real last names, it may just be screen names taken from affluent families to increase their market value. Their might not be intermarriages but it was common for spanish landlords to impregnate their native servants so there is a possibility of a spanish blood in their veins…maybe not yours


    ooops…i’m feeling a debate here…racism is such a topic. i hate those people who tend to discriminate their own.why are most filipinos like that?i am partly filipino but i don’t discriminate.instead,i appreciate filipino beauty more than appreciating the beauty of my other lineages which are spanish-american-chinese-indian.

    need to see more, haha

    ang lki ng titi niya

    This indie film actors we’re definitely bisexuals….they kiss their ass in the films and even if it only a film but…it is already what their doing because you cannot be a master if you don’t know what you are doing…

    Hoar! Hoar!, if you want to criticize Filipinos, you might want to check your grammar first. i suggest instead of typing “we’re”, you type in were; instead of their, you should type in they’re. get your personal pronoun/be verb contraction straight, ok? oh, and one other thing? a sentence is never a sentence with a verb.

    dont be so naughty about HOMOS>>>> coz u dont know when u like a HOMO TO SUCK YOUR TINY FOUL SMELLED DICK!!!!!

    New to this site… Hope to have fun..



    Hi to all men i like your cock

    great photo love them ..love to have jonron and josh inside me…ooooooooooooohh they really flaming hot…. can you feature about this 2 young men in the film boylet???not the lead the one with chamyto and the other one with the gay in the kitchen..i love him

    Not one entire dick to be seen? Why?

    nice one
    love it
    sana mas marami pang mas horny and nude pics

    Very limited ….not satisfied…hope more daring and sucking in 69style…..qo…

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