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!! OMG, anal fiend: Anne Hathaway !!

Okay, I may be exaggerating, she may not be a fiend, but she’s an advocate:

“…every woman should try it, otherwise they miss out on something amazing”. She also speaks about significance of the first time and the trustworthy partner and how the anal penetration makes her feel feminine in a very special way.

Whatever, nothing my gramma hasn’t told us over Thanksgiving dinner. What? She likes to make sure her grandkids know real sensuality.
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    This has been debunked. She didn’t say it. It’s a hoax. Go to Defamer and you’ll see.

    So hot…

    I’m trying to imagine Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Diane Keaton, or Meryl Streep talking about how they like to take it up the ass, and I just can’t…there is no class left in this world.

    it made me feel feminine in a very special way too. LOL

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