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!! OMG, classic Tyra Moment: Shake Ya Body !!

I finally got caught up on Top Model last night, and is it me or are they using a new strategy this season? Besides the fact that every single thing is “for the first time in Top Model History,” the judges have already voted off nearly every black girl and every tall, skinny girl. I wonder what point they are trying to prove this time… Perhaps it’s, “WELL YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW TOP MODEL BUT WE GOTCHA!!”
If they really want to drive that point home, Tyra should record another music video like “Shake Ya Body” (above), which debuted during Cycle 2.

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    wait… i always thought yoanna was the first girl to win, whos the first?

    Ah, good ol’ Cycle 2 — aka the best ANTM season. She really should have stuck with the music, instead of the travesty she calls a talk show.

    No shit I had a dream the night of the last ANTM in which Tyra debuted her new music video… I can’t remember the song but I was thinking “hmmm…. this song is pretty good…” thanks for resetting my brain back to reality

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