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!! OMG, he’s naked again: Justin Kirk !!

We’ve seen Justin Kirk naked BEFORE, but the latest episode of Weeds gives us a new angle on the goods.
See the NSFW screen grab after the jump.
Thanks to Eduardo for the tip and pic.
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    Super funny! I just watched the show last night and saw that, had to rewind and pause the DVR to catch it and thought, wonder when it’ll be on OMGBLOG! Good work!

    Justin’s “weed” can grow at my home any time!

    We also saw the goods in Angels in America… He’s ridiculously yummy.

    What? No backside pics??? =)

    Slightly OT, but I like that top picture, too. Earth tones are hot on some guys. I also enjoy how is hand is in such a position that it looks like he just beckoned you closer. Yes, please. Clearly he plans to hoover your mouth until you find yourself transported to bed. Way to steam it up for the camera w/o being slutty.
    But yeah, the screencap is hot. Let’s hope he keeps giving us the goods.

    he has a nice knob. lol

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