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!! OMG, he’s not really naked: Harry Potter !!

It’s a dicktastic day ladies and ladies! Two nudie posts in a row!
Remember the old Harry Potter photo shown above that got passed around last year? Well, it’s kind of obvious that it’s fake, but savvy !! OMG !! reader Marie sent us the proof.
See the original uncensored NSFW image after the jump, and the real photo that it was lifted from after the jump.

after turning.jpg
Anyone know this guy’s name? Or phone number?

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    Plus I heard that he was circumcised.

    we all like to think our penis is unique but there are just so many variations… i don’t think finding a similar one is enough proof to cite it was a fake.
    and since u dont even know who the other model is whats to say that isnt the fake using Harry’s magic wand..

    Fake? No kidding! The lad is Jewish and unless he had a blind Mohel, no foreskin for him!!!

    Well, it’s obvious that Marie has a great knowledge in the matter of dicks.

    THe second pic is of a Czech porn star. I forget his name, but he has a twin that also does porn.

    the dick looks better on harry potter. for sure.

    very old news. So unlike you.

    Whoevers it is, its lovely and lickable, regardless of which of those 2 bodies it happens to be on. yum yum

    doi oi oi!!

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