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!! OMG, how fabulous: Chinese space suits !!

A rocket carrying the first spacewalking Chinese astronauts launched on Thursday, and this is what they were wearing. Fierce trannies! (Thanks to de Cosmos for the tip!)

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    ZOMG!! Such campy and adorable suits. The one in the middle is totally lovin his suit.
    The grey boots though … 😐

    i’d have much preferred my Barbie ‘dream date’ lunch box to those chinese cremation gray ones.
    I guess it’s wrong to dwell on fireworks upon re enty…

    Hate to be this guy… oh who am i kidding, i love it!
    These arent the first chinese astronauts: i think this is mission no 3. This is the crew of the first chinese spacewalk.
    Anyway, fab suits! so 60s USSR looking!

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