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!! OMG, how terrifying: Prop 8 Propaganda !!

Our FEY FRIENDS have subjected themselves to a website devoted to repealing California’s recently passed law allowing gay marriage, PROPOSITION 8. The website, iProtectMarriage, tries to appeal to “alterna-publicans” with “youth lingo” and “cool conservatives” to scare young people into hating gays for wanting to get married.
Visit FEY FRIENDS to see their hilarious step-by-step break-down of the quiz on the website.

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    Hey brock- found the “quiz” to be quite interesting myself. Sent em an email giving them my FULL answers; hoping to spark a little argument seeing as their site has no place for it.

    What cold-hearted people they must be to hold the desire to marry against a person.

    dangerous and the work of the devil. god doesn’t need man to do anything for him and her.

    I love how the “Decide for Yourself” video quiz doesn’t actually let you decide for yourself (if you choose something they don’t like, they will make fun of and belittle you).
    I also love the “which parent doesn’t matter, a mom or a dad?” line. Considering I was raised by a single mother, I feel so grateful to them for implying that there’s something wrong with me because a dad wasn’t a prominent figure in my life.

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