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!! OMG, it’s not real: Sarah Palin’s Gun Photo !!

The photo of Sarah Palin toting a gun while wearing a bikini with smokin’ drinkin’ yokels in the background has been getting passed around and forwarded over the past few days. I really wanted it to be real so that there could be no way the republicans could win…but it ain’t.
Actually, she would probably win more republican votes if it was real…so I guess it’s a good thing after all.

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    Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

    I just want to see more of the two in the background!! To hell with her.

    Oy, let the political fighting begin.

    Oy, let the political fighting begin.

    You make it sound as if it would be a bad thing if republicans won…
    We finally have a real woman running for office, and all the goofy libs can do is try to destroy her. Go figure.
    Just say NO to BO!

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