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!! OMG, speaking of twincest: Anthony Goicolea !!

Okay, it’s not really twincest, but I thought it was a good segue from the last post.
Last Friday I got the chance to hear artist ANTHONY GOICOLEA speak about his work while he was in Toronto. His earlier and most famous photographs are tableaus of the artist as many characters in scenes of adolescence, sexuality, coming of age, and rebellion (as shown above).
He has a show of more recent work up at MONTE CLARK GALLERY in The Distillery District in Toronto from now until the 2nd of November.

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    wow! so good to know! i love that older stuff. looks like the new stuff is quite different and less fun but i didn’t even know there was a show coming up!thanks!

    Anthony’s work is so awesome. It’s so theatrical and detailed. He’s opened the door for an artistic interpretation on multiplying your identity. He sure inspired me. Plus he’s so cute!

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