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!! OMG, they hate Sarah Palin: Hockey moms !!

Is Sarah Palin even a real hockey mom? These ladies expose the truth. (Thanks to Ari for the tip!)

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    holy cow! i MAY be retarded. i’m so accustomed to the media and others pouncing all over governor palin i just assumed this thing was real. hospitalize me apparently!

    Oh dear, does roger think it’s real? That’s what is truly sad.

    Does Roger think this is for real? Oh my god…

    holy cow! these women need to get a life. the one who first started crying about being left out to dry about the tub of ice may even need to be hospitalized. so freakin’ sad! oh, wait, she should also take the one who starts crying about NOT being a pit bull. GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Hilarious. 🙂

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