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!! OMG, they’re naked: gay zombies! !!

A wise man once said, “Live every week like it’s Gay Zombie Week”.
And so it was. To cap off our coverage of Bruce LaBruce’s “melancholy gay zombie” movie, Otto; or Up with Dead People, we have posted a selection of gory NSFW stills from the film. If you’re in Toronto tonight, the movie is screening at Circa Skyy Cinema (126 John St.) at 7pm and 9pm. For details, check out the Facebook event page.
Feast your eyes on undead homos after the jump. (WARNING: not for the faint of heart!)


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    Creepy.. oddly arousing?

    Please remove those pictures. Unacceptable.

    OMG shame for the blood cause they’re hot

    Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

    love it. not in a sexual way though.
    it’s funny. it’s zombie porn..it’s how they get their rocks off…or..bones? i guess..??


    Okay…sorta hot. Like vampire porn just more spaced out.

    whoa the guy with the gun is massive. lol

    that’s kinda repulsive, yet sexy.

    That’s just wrong!

    oh you’ve got to see the movie to be truly shocked and slightly repulsed…. the last picture is from when the top guy pulls out the other guys intestines and eats them….then proceeds to have sex with his stomach…. the audience awkwardly laughed…

    wow thats hot would like to see more of the guy in the last pic but how all around

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