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!! OMG, go vote for Emanuel !!

Emanuel is an aspiring Canadian model and the obvious choice for winner of the VMan/Ford Models Model Search 2008. If you like his look, go vote for him like this:
1. Go to the website
2. Click “view submissions and vote”
3. Click on Emanuel’s face
4. Click “vote for me” and click it again
Check out some more shots of Emanuel after the jump.

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    I agree,ugly,looks like a girl & a stupid smoker…so uncool & unsexy! Further your education!

    He lost me at cancer stick!

    He is a good looking kid.

    how these ugly boys get to be models is way beyond me!

    Somebody (insert overzealous, greedy agent name here) LIED to you, Sista-Friend…

    oh hes beautiful

    OMG! – At first glance I seriously thought this was Samantha Ronson. LOL!


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