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!! OMG gossip: Naughty Will Smith !!

Did Will Smith hire a male prostitute instead of a female one? [flawed hollywood]

The Republican party just spent $150,000 buying Sarah Palin new clothes. How does she still look like such a mess? [ny post]

Swedish pop star Robyn comes out with a new single, but it's not just a Robyn single... [popjustice]

Whitney Port from The Hills has her own show [bunny with fangs]

Zac Efron turns 21 [the bosh]

Elizabeth Hurley's boobs steal the spotlight once again [the grumpiest]

ABC can no longer afford designer wardrobes for the girls of Desperate Housewives [sow]

Lindsay Lohan is still recording music [bricks and stones]

Music can now be classified by condiment. Do you know why the Carrie Underwood on your iPod is really ranch dressing? [idolator]

Kirstie Alley spotted shopping in Paris [the skinny]

Should Google censor ads in favor of Proposition 8 because they "advocate against a protected group"? [beyondchron]

Guy Ritchie called Madonna fat... [icydk]

And now A-Rod is moving in next door [derek hail]

OMG gossip: Boy George has been very bad
OMG gossip: Go visit Anna Nicole's new grave
OMG gossip: Queen Elizabeth II in the poor house
OMG gossip: Lindsay and Sam use their fists
OMG gossip: Too many 'Gossip Girl' couples

» posted by Frank on Wednesday, October 22, 2008
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Madonna may be stupid for Marrying Guy w/o a pre-nup, and she can't really sing, but no way is she fat. Try again, Guy.

» posted by Gail | October 23, 2008 11:57 AM

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