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!! OMG, he’s casting American Idol: Gay Porn Star !!

Looks like the American Idol crew are changing their tune – it used to be that they kicked adult entertainers like Fantasia Frenchie Davis off the show. Now, former porn star Jordan Young (real name Billy Kemp) has been named new Vice-President of Casting and Talent for Fremantle Media North America which produces American Idol. Finally! Time to step up this show! I mean, bad singers are funny and all, but they need to make those auditions a bit more like those “Broke Straight Boy Auditions” I like to watch on my computer.
See an NSFW pic from his former porn days after the jump, and read more HERE.
Thanks to Bobby for the tip.
EDIT: Sorry, I meant Frenchie…I wasn’t watching AmIdol back during that whole scandal…


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    Since when was Fantasia an adult film star?

    Fantasia??? Last time I checked, she won American Idol…don’t remember her getting kicked off for being a porn star. LOL

    fantasia wasn’t in porn. it was frenchie davis. they wanted to kick off fantasia because she had a kid at a young age.

    Frenchie Davis was kicked off for doing porn, not Fantasia. Fantasia won.

    Frenchie didn’t do “porn” either. She stripped on the Internet.

    Yuk. Dude obviously wasn’t winning the “talent/longevity” portion….

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