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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Another Cosmo Bachelor !!

Savvy !! OMG !! reader Ben has discovered that ONCE AGAIN, a COSMO BACHELOR, Derek Hawkes of Maine, has stripped for pay before. Not only that…he’s touched a boner on video – and not just any boner – HIS boner!
Looks like these guys were vetted by Cosmo as thoroughly as Palin was by the Republican Party.
See his nudie pics after the jump, and click HERE to see his page on Sean Cody.


(Click for more nude male celebs)




    I miss chest hair.

    WOW…this guy is a dream. Those eyes, the dimpled 6pak, the hairy but trimmed balls. Can you just imagine waking up next to him and flip-flop fucking with him? WOW!

    His beady eyes freak me out with his Frankenstein forehead.

    what the hell is wrong with everyone..Derek’s cock is a nice size for sucking on…nice thick,nice size for taking all the way into your mouth and letting him pump your throat without gagging..mmmmm..

    wow, what a beautiful cock to go with that gorgeous face!

    @nicestdionysus: Me too!!
    This guy isn’t my type, but his cock is nice.

    mmmmm…he is sexy and has some nice meat dangling between his legs there! yum

    Damn what a nice cock and ass!

    Someone get on it… I need to know if the Hawaii, Illinois or Iowa bachelors have any naked photos out there…

    There is quite a close up of his hairy hole on the sean cody site, for those who want to see it.

    OMG! That face is so scary! Still, I guess you don’t look at the mantel when you’re poking the fire.

    Interesting that his profile doesn’t seem to be available on the Cosmo site any more…

    ugly face, nice bod, cock and ass but what a hairy cock. I’ve never seen hair like over half way up a guys cock. Could have shaved it b4 we had 2 look at it

    Def suckable! What a bod,what a nice cut cock & the face is fine!!!Im thirsty!Got milk???

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