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!! OMG, how spooky: Gay ghosts !!

Aura photograph of AA Bronson and Mark Krayenhoff by Chrysanne Stathacos
We’ve just received a hot tip from a little gay bird:

AA Bronson and his Toronto pal Peter Hobbs are performing Invocation of the Queer Spirits in New Orleans at midnight on Halloween in a secret place in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. It’s a kind of naked gay ritual kind of thing, a sort of seance, wearing only butt plugs decorated with rooster feathers (like tails). They’ve been cooking up potions and dousing themselves in oils and herbs all week (they’re a little stinky, but kinda sweet) I wish I could be there myself, but alas! it’s a closed set.”

So pagan and real! We’ll be sure to post the photos/video when they’re available.

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    No rat. Notice that the part of Mark’s aura directly over his heart (Mark is on the right) is stronger than mine (I am on the left). Chrysanne was photographing a lot of people that day. Mark and I were feeling deeply connected and “in synch” and presto–our auras came out like that… completely different than everyone else’s but much alike.

    Thats weird. They have the same auras! I smell a rat. These photos are so nice though. Two of my friends got them done at the Psychic Fair! I want one. No colour means you are dying.

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