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!! OMG, it was always crazy: Italian TV !!

Are there lots of contortionists in Heaven? This 1984 intro to Italian Saturday night television program Al Paradise suggests “yes.” (Thanks for Brendan J. for the tip!)

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    I think I just found my Halloween costume.

    i like how the singer tries to upstage everyone else in the background. she won me with her chicken dance.

    my favorite part is the backwards chicken dance – this girl has real talent.

    There are other Al Paradise videos on youtube, with equally spastic lead dancers, and equally lycra-tastic backup dancers.

    what a crazy nightmare of fabulous proportions. I hope that girl was popular SOMEWHERE, you can’t have moves like that and just be ignored. She’s probably working in a convenience store right now with video going in the background, “that was me 20 years ago and 120 pounds lighter…you gonna buy them smokes honey?”. fame is fickle.

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