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!! OMG, it’s coming to America: Summer Heights High !!

For once, a great television show is coming to American television and they’re not remaking it with American actors! The amazing Australian show, Summer Heights High, focuses on three characters at a public school down under. Chris Lilley plays all three main roles – Mr. G. the drama teacher, Ja’mie the spoiled private school transfer student, and Jonah Takalua the troubled Polynesian kid.
Mr. G is above. Watch Ja’mie and Jonah after the jump.
F*ck you, sir! I said “puck you” Wit a “P”!

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    All the swearings been cut out!!! Mr G says Thank god you’re here, where have been bitch! and I won’t even mention how much of Jonah’s dialogue is gone.

    hhahahah hope you enjoy it, i loved it! Ja’mie is the best for sure!!

    Amazing show!


    I cried during last episode, such a good show.

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