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!! OMG, they’re all dicks: Dickipedia !!

The phallic answer to Wikipedia, Dickipedia SNARKILY REVIEWS the life of our hero Anderson Cooper.

Even if he isn’t a homosexual, there’s a very high likelihood that Anderson Cooper shaves his nads. And wears designer low-rise bikini briefs.

But I guess it’s all in good fun…they also rip on Ann Coulter, Ben Stiller, and a growing list of other wieners.
Thanks to Mr. Stanfield for the tip.

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    Ann Coulter – BIG YES!!
    Anderson and Ben – Big No!

    well i did read once that anderson cooper is very careful to stay covered with a towel, even over his underwear, when at the gym, so as not to be cellphone camera’d while he changes into workout clothes. but if he does were underwear it’s gloria vanderbilt underwear for men cause that’s his mommy.

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