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!! OMG, what happened: Fergie’s face !!

Fergie is looking slightly less than Fergalicious in this photo, the first I have seen in quite a while. Could it be that all those hard years at Kids, Incorporated are finally catching up with her? Or maybe it’s the champagne. (via Papel Pop)

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    oh that’s fergie all right!!loo at the browpierce man!

    Yall need to shut up all of yall because Fergie doesnt take Crystal Meth she never has! and that is not fergie! yall need to get smart

    thats got to be photoshopped. thats silly

    Are you sure that isn’t Kirstie Alley? ;J

    that is for sure the leftovers of what Crystal Meth does to you, not pretty! Still i reckon she can scrub up alright sometimes…

    How about taking into consideration that she almost lost her life to Crystal Meth….?

    That’s not Fergie, that’s Kirstie Alley!! yikes.

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