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!! OMG, educate yourself: The Gays are coming !!

The American Family Association has made an informative DVD called They’re Coming to Your Town, that instructs Joe the Asshole on how to prevent gays from “taking over” his local government. Also available in “Five Pack” for all those Joe Five Packs out there. (via Videogum and Ed)

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    Sorry, but that is just the most hilarious thing ever! Let them entertain us. Won’t be long untill they are gone, for “we” will surely win that battle. lol

    sunday sunday sunday!! they are coming to your town! Don’t miss it!! LOL.
    “learn the strategies used by gay activists.”
    Sounds like “the gays” are some sort of paramilitary covert operation.
    As funny as that was for me. I find it equally disturbing because it goes against how “Christians” are supposed to be kind, giving, do unto others, types.
    Bunch of hypocritical, bigoted idiots.

    We need to order of of these and then hold a huge bonfire.

    We aren’t coming to your town. We ALREADY live in your town. And it’s our town too.

    Damn hatebigots.

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