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!! OMG, he poops: Barbie’s Dog !!

I’m not sure I really like the philosophy of Barbie’s poopie pet dog, Tanner. You give him a suspiciously poopie-looking “food” pellet, then he poops it out, then you feed the pooped out pellet to Tanner again. I think some kids might get the wrong idea. Check out Barbie’s piddling kitty after the jump.
Thanks to Minh for the tip!

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    uh don’t children have anything better to do than pretend to walk a dog and pick up its crap? omg! what happened to imagination and stuff. Next barbie will come with a mop and bucket to clean up after her incontinent ex-father-in-law Len… wtf..

    This is just wrong in so many ways. I can just see the kids losing the sh*t pellets, and parents have to go to the toy store to buy replacement poop, I mean food, for Tanner the dog.
    At least now they can re-enact Tanner having accidents inside Barbie’s Dream House because she’s too busy to take him outside…

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