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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s finally naked: Seann William Scott !!

If there is one actor we have all been waiting for far too long to show us some skin since his debut in American Pie and subsequent role in Dude, Where’s My Car?, it’s the super-ripped and rumored-to-be-gay Seann William Scott. Well now he’s done it, but just from behind. Baby steps…
See the NSFW stills from his new movie Role Models after the jump!

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    I was so hopeful that this was Sean William Scott naked. But I’m betting it’s not him and that it’s his “naked” stand-in. It’s too dark in the first shots and you don’t see his face. Though the last pic is not a dark shot, you still don’t get to see his face. Not to mention that Sean William Scott has a body to die for with muscles coming out of his ears. Wouldn’t it make sense then that Sean’s ass would have more curve to it than the one in these pics? The ass in these pics appears a little too flat for it to belong to the real Sean William Scott.

    I agree with wolverinetodd. I was very hopeful…but disappointed.

    From http://www.aroundphilly.com/aroundphillycom-interview-seann-william-scott-philadelphia-movies-theatre/a-5178
    AP: What about undressing? Role Models features your first on-screen nude scene…
    SWS: I didn’t want to! I was pressured into it. I thought, Can I get an ass double for this? But what if the guy doesn’t have a cool-looking ass? And the whole weird thing was, I have to do this. It’s not going to be a funny scene—if it works, it will be funny. And it was the first time I ever looked at my ass. The day before, I was like, I better see what this looks like. I [checked myself out] in the mirror, and I was like, “Oh, no. No, No No!” There’s no shape! And it’s going to be on film forever!…I’d just walked out in front of the crew [wearing] a little penis sock and said, “Guys, get used to it! You’re going to see me like this all day!” It was terrible.

    I was SO HAPPY to see the headline, yet sorely disappointed when it was just his ass. I agree- Sean William Scott is THE ONE I have a crush on – period – none else. These shots are not him, it has to be a stand in – Sean has a long lean toro and a bubble butt – this ass is non-existent and the body does not match his profile 🙁 But hey – I got to see some ass on my favorite blog today at least 🙂

    Wake me up when you get a frontal! 😉

    Rumored to be gay? I hadn’t heard that….

    It’s entirely possible that’s just a butt double. Unless there’s a pic with face and butt in the same shot, I ain’t buying it just yet.

    C’mon already – this dude is gay! Just look at him – they don’t make hetero boys this pretty, and yes, I ought to know. 🙂

    You can watch this movie on movie25.com and in the scene where he is in the buff u do infact see his face before he turns and walks away, it has to be him, not to mention the interview where he talks about it.

    wow, it’s good to know that i’m not the only one who seriously lusts after this boy. there’s just something about those eyes, that smile, and his sence of humor that makes him irresistable.

    He’s gay. He’s from the same city as I am and he used to have a boyfriend.

    coool thats hot!!

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