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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s jogging naked: Steve Guttenberg !!

It’s a naked celebrity in their tuxedo day! There’s a seemingly staged video of Steve Guttenberg (star of movies such as Three Men and a Baby, and Three Men and a Little Lady) jogging through Central Park without pants on. It’s not the first time he’s bared his buns on camera. Steve showed his surprisingly smooth behind in 1983’s The Man Who Wasn’t There.
See the NSFW jogging video and screen cap of his younger toosh after the jump!

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    thats a joke right?

    Always thought Steve to be a hottie…

    wheres the uncensored version?

    he is HOT!
    i second the request for the uncensored version… let’s see if what he said on howard stern’s show is true 😉

    Yes, I also think he hotness, I see other day Police Cademy, he hott, no shirt yes is hott hot. ness.

    thats the hottest think every i want to see it uncensored to see if hes hung or got a small cock

    obvious setup

    Check out the scene in the movie “Cocoon,” where the aliens first meet Steve at the dock, he’s got a woody…the man is hung like a horse.

    I believe he is packin’. At least that’s the rumor. The short shorts he wears in Cocoon show a nice basket.

    would love to see this uncensored!!

    That was not central park. it was done in a small section of an LA area park, carefully posed with the spectators paid to participate. Probably they blocked off that small area so as not to incur any legal problems. Also, it is annoying that the queen did not show her ‘goods’. Makes one wonder if she really has anything down there after all

    An even better movie in which to see his butt is The Bedroom Window, as he was even leaner in 1987.

    Isn’t he really old? Do I want to think of him sexually?

    He was baring all in Porky’s, and if you click the pause button, well, never mind. He hasn’t changed a teeny weeny bit.

    I saw him in Central Park yesterday when I was working a fashion show for ECOFEST 2009. He stopped with his friend and was gawking at all the models, so I stood there and stared back at him and smiled. He finally got uncomfortable and walked away.
    Now I’m just grateful he had pants on!!

    I always wanted his butt since cocoon!
    What an ass!!!!

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