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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Jason Mewes !!

Remember Jay and Silent Bob? Well Jason Mewes (Jay) cut his hair and got naked for the new film Zack and Miri. The stills are blurry because they were probably shot in a movie theater, but it looks like Jason is packing some heat between his legs.
Check it out after the jump (NSFW)!

Click to enlarge.
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BONUS: Click here to see an animated GIF of Jason walking nude. (Thanks to CB for this one)

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    OMG! I saw this movie the other day…his cock is HUGE! The scene catches you by surprised…so just be prepared…it’s about the last 5-10 minutes of the movie.

    nice body

    I went to the theater to see this movie in the hopes that I would see Mr. Mewes naked. I fell in lust with him a long time ago. The movie is good, but it was made way better when Jason and his dick were on full display during the last 15 minutes of the movie. I cannot wait until the DVD comes out.

    He defiantly is. Wait for the HD

    i honestly never thought i’d ever find jason mewes attractive in any capacity, but he is looking really handsome these days!! he looked great at the premiere of this movie and even better IN it…..damn, check out the size of that cock!! i never would have guessed he was packing heat like that.

    And that’s him flaccid!
    My, My. Yes, please.

    Nice, how about silent bob?

    Thank you for posting this!
    I saw Zack and Miri and he was so fine. =P
    They don’t show his full frontal scene until near the end, but it’s hot.
    And he is packing a lot of heat. ^_^

    What a surprise ending it must be, earning an extra star for the review in my books.

    Just played with the lighting using photoshop, and yeah, it looks like he’s swingin’ down there. More importantly, though, he has a cute ass.

    Damn he is so fucking hot – I am so buying this movie when it comes out on DVD!

    actually Jason almost always has short hair, he wears along blonde wig when he plays “Jay”
    he only used his real hair for the first Clerks film and after that Kevin has said it was a wig. same with Kevin’s long “Silent Bob” hair

    Did anyone notice that his pubes are shaped like a heart? There’s love down there.

    oo i wat him to fuck me ooo im sorry he is fuckin me. is my bf

    People not all flaccid sizes grow the same length when erect?

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