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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jason Segel !!

Neil Patrick Harris’ co-star from How I Met Your Mother , Jason Segel got naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up. You can see a bunch of NSFW screen grabs after the jump.
Thanks to Mad Scientist for the tip.
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    His Piece is huge I’d suck him off in a heartbeat!

    Wow,why did this get posted? EW. Put it back on! Put it back on!

    oddly guy next door sexy.
    he has a nice fatty!

    Gawd I feel like a total bitch for saying this, ’cause lord knows I ain’t got a Body Beautiful myself… But his character on How I Met Your Mother is so adorable; yet after seeing these pics, I don’t really want to get with this…

    Not bad at all! Finally,an American actor doin the full monty,$ not just a quick glimpse,but a nice long shot 2 see his nice thick cut piece of meat! Now if more would do that,we could compete with all the ugly uncut Euoropean cock that were forced 2 look at when we wanna see actors get naked!

    Obviously you don’t know what a real man looks like.

    Huge cock and a cutie….I’m with Timmy. Would suck that cock for days.

    what’s not to love about jason segel? he’s hot, and is a really sweet guy! i read a blurb a while back where he says that he was having second thoughts about this nude scene because he has a “small penis” and there’s not many women out there that like small penises… note to jason: you seriously have nothing to worry about. i’d hit it! 😉

    I really hope this is some sort of trend. I love all this full frontal-any full male frontal for that matter.

    I’m surprised, actually. As plump as he looks (looked in the beginning at least) in HIMYM, I was expecting him to be less appealing. I wonder if he worked out at all to shape himself, or if he was always made like that.
    NPH is still my celeb pass, but I have to give props. And did anyone see that morning show interview with the main cast, where he and Neil are singing from Les Miz? That takes chops.
    Haters, be silent!

    sooooo hot….want to touch the hiney

    He’s adorable. His cock is.gorgeous

    I had last summer with him sex. And what can I say? It was great. Really.

    Beautiful nice thick meat, would love to rim him and then suck him to completion

    yum, as long as i have a face, he has a place to sit.

    Ohhhhh my god I want to suck that so bad That looks so fun to

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