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!! OMG, how cute: Shiba Inu LIVE puppy cam !!

This live stream of Shiba Inu puppy cuteness is better than a YouTube video because it NEVER ENDS. (Thanks to Ed for the tip!)

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    How cute thy are love watching them

    cant see the puppys!!!!!!

    jeeze those little mutts arent even their fuck

    Why are they even doing this -_-?they`re just puppys!Wats the best thing they can do?Roll over?:(

    it could end if all the dogs die and this is sick – the dogs should be out free >:(

    oh so sweeet!

    As adorable as they are. Their play is quite vicious. The grab on to each as if it’s prey and shake their little heads quite hard. I was waiting for them to tear the limbs of the one in the purple collar. I may have to get one

    omg! that is to cute! i actually had this going while i cleaned today, it was soothing to have little puppies noises going on while i went about my day! thanks for finding this! are there more like it?

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