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!! OMG, look who it is: True Blood !!

Does Lizzy Caplan, who plays the crazy girlfriend of Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, look familiar to anyone? Yes, that’s right, she’s not just a girl who likes to pose with her hand on her head – she also played Janis Ian in Mean Girls! I kind of prefer her weird goth look to the Zoey Deschanel thing she has going on now…but I guess that’s why I’m gay. The goth look reminds me of a girl from my high school that did ninth grade three times and that everyone called Grease but was still cooler than me.

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    And wasn’t she in the sitcom “The Class,” which finished its first and only season recently? That’s the first thing that came to mind when she made her debut in “True Blood.”

    I wish she was on gossip girl, too
    as an evil Jenny manipulator

    she was also in cloverfield : )

    I prefer the Zoey Deschanel thing, but that’s probably because I’m shallow.
    And… this has always bothered me. But doesn’t Janis Ian from “Mean Girls” remind anyone else of that dark-haired girl from that old Disney show “Lizzie McGuire?”
    Here’s a link.

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