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!! OMG, naked again: Ryan Kwanten !!

I think by now we’ve determined that Ryan Kwanten is required by the producers of True Blood to show his ass in every single episode, but I don’t hear any of you complaining.
In the latest episode, Ryan and his character’s GF Amy have tantric V-euphoria sex that sends them into an idyllic fantasy garden of Eden, and you do in fact catch a quick glimpse of the snake. See if you can find it after the jump (NSFW).

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    Oh Frank, I can always tell when it’s one of your posts! And I have missed yo uso. BTW the guy who plays Bill Compton ain’t too shabby either! xo

    This guy is always naked on this show…but keep it on…he is hot…

    Nope- don’t see the “snake” anywhere. Must be missing something.

    3rd pic from the bottom. looks like you can see something.

    i hate how he wont show IT! i mean just one little peak to know what hes working with!

    I found it pic 6

    no complaints what so ever!
    he soo better make the sexiest men on the year list. his ass is gorg!! lol

    Ok, hotness aside, I need to understand what is going on here.
    It’s that good? Really?

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