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!! OMG, she has a scent: Amanda Lepore !!

America’s #1 tranny now has a perfume – who does she think she is, PAULA ABDUL?
The bottle is covered in Swarovski crystals and retails for for $950. But hurry there are only 5000 bottles to be had!
CLICK HERE to read more and buy.
Thanks to de Cosmos for the tip.

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    hey Amanda, if you’re reading these comments! i knew you ‘way back when’ at Limelight with Ernie Glam-he was my best friend. worked on Project X also-CONGRATS GIRL! i’m so happy for you!!! i used to see you at Michael and Keoki’s too. GOOD FOR YOU! that photo is hot. a bottle with crystalz!

    LOL……America’s #1 tranny has a perfume…$950…I’d rather buy Chanel No.5…

    lol No, she does not think she is Paula. I have had the pleasure of talking to her a couple of times now, and she is totally down to earth, and very very sweet. Paula may be sweet, but deff not earthbound lmao.

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