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!! OMG, fail: Palin Boys !!

These future-gays are probably going to regret this…if not for the Palin endorsement, then for the public display of latent boyfriend feelings. Also check out their scary website YOUTH FOR OIL.
Scooped from Justin.

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    I’m glad I read the description; otherwise I’d have thought it was a butch lesbian couple of thirtysomethings.

    Please, send these boys to ANWR with a connection in the Castro.

    I imagine it’s easier to be a fan of Sarah Palin if you don’t have a uterus.

    I don’t understand. Why is their website scary?

    I don’t want to say anything that might sound like I’m discouraging their burgeoning homosexuality, but as the kids say…that is sooo gay!
    I do like that they’re taking an interest in politics at such a young age, and I’m sure the Log Cabiners will be happy to have them.

    They blow each other after school…you know they do.

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