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!! OMG, vote for your favorite: Gay hipster boyfriends !!

Patent Leather Daddy is having a competition to see which of New York’s gay elite boyfriends are the cutest and the fiercest. Is it Seth and Alex (above)? Slava and Brian (below)? Or one of the others? Make sure to weigh in on this important debate!

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    why dose seeing 2 guys that are in love make people so upset?

    Why do we praise these guys? When our community, and the country, is sizzling with anger over Prop 8, these vain, egotistical gays are asking who is the most “worthy”? This is exactly what is wrong with this community.
    These guys need to trade the mustaches and homie-g gear for picketing signs and a purpose.

    this makes me want to puke. no, this makes me want to kill myself. no, this makes me want to puke and kill myself AT THE SAME TIME. (i just hope that when i click through i don’t end up knowing half these people.)

    I can’t deal with the glitter.

    Frank you are my favorite hipster gay boyfriend!
    Gail xo

    Why is wearing deliberately ugly clothing considered cute here?


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