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!! OMG, you love mens fashion: CK SS09 !!

Calvin Klein’s CK Spring/Summer 2009 presentation just happened this week in New York, and you wish you were there. Actually it could be a little awkward hanging out with a bunch of half naked 16-year-olds staring straight ahead in a room.
Maybe better just to look at the photos after the jump!

(Photos by JD Ferguson, see the rest at V Magazine)

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    Thats what I thought too.
    The models aren’t that pretty. =\

    Somebody needs to get those boys a pot roast, maybe some mashed potatoes.

    Their faces and “coiffures” look so cloned… 🙁
    I got to think of the Cranbarries’ song Copycat.
    Ain’t my cup of tea, sorry.

    i like the one with the tatoos around his pubes. He’s got attitude.

    LOL! Malnourishment is IN!!!

    Fuckin ya! The kid in the orange suit is hot

    i think so! i like the briefs in the last one haha!

    Do you think they purposefully chose the ugliest so that we look at the clothes instead?

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