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!! OMG gossip: Go visit Anna Nicole’s new grave !!

Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel have one fancy gravestone [popbytes]
Torontoist will stop publication at the end of December [torontoist]
What are Daniel Craig‘s extremely tight jeans hiding? [socialite life]
OMG new Pet Shop Boys… and it’s good! [popjustice]
Jerry Seinfeld‘s house is bigger than all my hopes and dreams [celebslam]
OMG Broadway theater feels the economic pinch [modfab]
Model visionary Paul Rowland had his first solo photographer exhibition at Miami Art Basel [v magazine]
And Cory Kennedy narrates her Miami Art Basel experience for anyone who wants to listen [gawker]
OMG a Christmas Porsche for Miley Cyrus! [bricks and stones]
Are you ready to be “Baptized by the Basinger“? [pajiba]
Mary Kate Olsen is allegedly not pregnant [celeb warship]
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist actually went through with his heterosexual wedding [towleroad]
Underwear. Benefit. Fashion Show. [trey cruz]

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