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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Scott Caan !!

Looks like actor Scott Caan decided to give us a little fruit bowl action at the beach while changing by his car the other day. See the old Sideways Charlie after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the tip.

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    He was fully naked in the shower with an older man who played his invalid dad in a movie several years ago. He was helping the dad get clean. What a touching and pathetic and yet sexy scene!


    This man exudes rugged masculinity. I fell in love with him back when Varsity Blues came out. His ass is amazing!!!!

    Niiiiccceee! Great sack, nice cock. Looks yumilicious!

    this made my day… FINALLY!

    Thank you! Thank you! I have wanted to see him naked since I watched Ocean’s Eleven. Now that I’ve seen his side-view I wanna see it ALL. It looks like a pretty good mouth full. I am a little down that each picture had something blocking his ass. 🙁 Other than that..DAMN

    Fucken hot, about time we get to see a good clear pic!

    SPEED OF LIFE is the title of the movie with the shower scene Craig mentioned.

    What’s the name of the movie that shows he naked? 😀
    He’s freakin’ hot!

    DAMN! he looks like he has something to work with… YUM!
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

    Wow, that’s some nice meat dangling there – very hot!

    All that great chest hair, that sexy beard, and those shaven nuts and healthy cock. This more than makes up for his “faggot” comment he made several months back.
    We need more male celebrities that are too stupid to realize that a flimsy towel isn’t covering their junk when lifting their legs that high. Too bad the towel didn’t fall off completely. It’d been nice to get a shot of that ass as well.

    he’s cute. short. but cute 🙂

    now this is how i enjoy my men.

    Pretty sure he’s gay. Nice.

    so fuckin hot. nice cock, nice bodu. i would suck that everyday

    Scott’s a’ight, but his daddy was way hotter at that age.

    ummm nice baaalllss


    OMG he’s so fuckin hot nice cock

    omg, who woulda thought??
    he’s packing!!

    He needs to shave his back.

    This is the best birthday present ever! (my dob 12/14)

    Yum, yum, yum, those would look perfect on my Christmas three…!!!!

    Damn, I always knew he was a cute little bastard but those nuts and that cock is making me drool.

    Nice package, who cares about the hair on his back when he’s packing a weapon like that!

    I must be spoiled because that is a tiny dick.

    @Alex – Maybe because it’s flaccid.
    You don’t need to be a biology major to understand how the human body works.
    For a flaccid penis, that’s pretty big.

    You can see Scott Caan naked, moving, and clear, when he did a nude scene in the film, “Speed of Life”, also known as “Saturn”. It’s a great long shot, and i’ve watched it many times, and bought the dvd for just that purpose. Scott also acted really sexy in his breakout film, “Varsity Blues”; best scene: the fake bj he gives James Van in the locker room, in a male fratty sort of admiration of the football god James was. Scott, many may not know, was arrested back in 1998, at 23, for getting into a bar fight at a gay bar in West Hollywood with a gay guy on his arm, and assaulting two other gay guys as well. The Advocate covered it; Nov 10, 1998, and framed the story under the guise of when it is and when it is not to out a celeb. The mag felt that, as many did, that Caan outed himself then. Today, 2016, Scott Caan is a proud dad, and is involved with the baby’s mother, and i wish them well, and i hope it’s a legit and real relationship. Scott Caan had been ballsy enough, in his early career, to play a role in a gay-oriented film by Greg Araki, though, of course, most of those involved in that were probably not gay or lesbian. I tend to think the guy’s just part of that sort of new sexuality, ‘sexually fluid”, label-rejecting, all that that allows people to like who they like, and not have to take up the mantle of a political named cause because of it. He’s prob Bi, and, again, i hope he’s happy and comfortable. I imagine that it’s only places like my Missouri, where the rigid rules of both a closed marriage and a monogamous lifestyle is becoming less-and-less common.

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