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!! OMG, he’s ready for his close up: Shower boy !!

Remember the teen who did the embarrassing shower dance to Britney Spears‘s “Circus”? Well Britney herself loved him so much that she asked him to do a follow-up routine, this time to “Kill the Lights,” and set in the mall. Video courtesy of BritneySpears.com.

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    i’m thinking that it’s something in the water in Oakland County — Madonna came from neighboring Rochester and she started out dancing in the metro-Detroit bars (Menjo’s), so maybe we’re witnessing a “second coming” of sorts… lol now, going across the pedestrian bridge at somerset will never be the same. security must have been too busy preventing cruising in the basement restroom on the south side of the mall to have noticed this kid…

    OMG! That IS Summerset I LOVE that mall, although I DO have to think he is a little bit much. I will say how ever that he can do his photos in my lab ANYTIME.

    It is the same “deep dip” move and a couple of bump n’ grinds over and over.
    I wonder if Mom did the camerawork on this one. It is dreadfully shakey.
    “It’s sad how today’s gay youth has set our movement back about 20 years…1 step forward, 10 steps back…shameful!” -Robert ”
    More like “1 step forward, 10 steps back with a step an’kick.
    BTW – Where is Cris Crocker?

    In the previous video, he at least looked like he could move his body. Sadly, here he has about as much rhythm as Steven Martin in “The Jerk.” Walking and bouncing up and down does not a dance concept make. Britney should order him back to the poorly lit shower.

    It is hard to watch… the classic dolly-dinkle toe-tap-and-twirl ballet moves Britney is doing to boot. all I keep wondering is if his mother “assisted” him again on this recording?
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

    he’s got a bright future in drag shows.

    The Somerset Collections aka Somerset MALL IN TROY, MI!

    OMG! I know this kid. He dances, like at a bar–not nakie or anything. He also has a vid of him dancing in his undies!! Wow, its a small world. And I was just in that pedestrian bridge recently…lol

    Oh great that looks like Sommerset. That means this kid probably lives near me.

    Wow! My queer peers are kinda embarrassing! If he could learn actual dance moves it might help… but all that bending down made me nauseous.

    It’s sad how today’s gay youth has set our movement back about 20 years…1 step forward, 10 steps back…shameful!

    Look out FEIST!

    That poor kid! He’s trying to dance and his legs keep giving out on him! He must have dropped down at least fifty times.

    This is so hard to watch. He is not a bad dancer but just so hard to watch.

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