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!! OMG, his butt: Mathew Horne !!

I only really know British actor Mathew Horne from his recurring role on The Katherine Tate Show (hilarious sketch comedy from the UK), and he definitely doesn’t show any skin there, but he did in a previous role on the television series Roman’s Empire.
See Mathew standing naked an embarrassed in the conference after the jump! (NSFW)

Click to enlarge.
(Thanks to CB for the image!)

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    Watch him in Gavin & Stacey, you see him in his boxers in a couple episodes.

    He’s so cute! I’d like to see his bare chest too and, of course, his lovely cock. But I LOVED to see his bare back and yummy butt!

    if you like matthew horne watch Gavin and Stacey (BBC) you’ve love him.
    p.s. naked in the first episode

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