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!! OMG, there goes feminism: Girls Don’t Need College !!

I know I ain’t the most grammatically correct lover and I sure as hell don’t spell everything right, but this made it past an editor and into print!
Click on the image to see it full size.

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    What the hell is wrong with this person who is wasting air?

    If this was published in a High School paper are we sure there even was an editor? Anyway, that was loads of fun to read and laugh at. I wish her luck finding a rich man to marry and pay all the bills while she gets her nails done and shops. It’s was all girls want. Barf.

    She didn’t quite get the sarcasm down pat, but the use of bad grammar to accentuate her point that girls that don’t go to college aren’t as educated, is spot on.

    and it’s ‘passed’ not ‘past’ lol

    Bitch, please.

    It seems she didn’t spell her name correctly either. I can’t imagine any parent spelling that name Lynzee Stauss unless they’re determined to keep their child from going to college.

    She also didn’t spell “distress” correctly.

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