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!! OMG, they’re naked: Australian Footballers !!

There are now officially 500 000 calendars of naked football rugby soccer players. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth posting some beef for y’all! Check the NSFW shots after the jump.

GOF 09 International.jpg

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    When will people start using “naked” to mean “full-frontal?” I always get my hopes up… and my dreams shattered to bits.

    they’re not naked! all i see are buttocks haha *putting this on my xmas list*

    Oh wow!! These guys are seriously hot!!
    Very sexxxy!!!!

    i need this calendar immediately.

    at least the second one is EXTREMELY CLOSE!!!!! his pubes are good enough…

    Yeah, they’re technically naked, but not showing full-frontal..and I dont’ CARE! Look at the tooshie on that last one!!!
    Wouldn’t it be great if some professional athletes here in the states did a calendar like this?
    PFFFFT, yeah right, that’ll happen! 🙂

    Naked means WEINER…not butt, butt crack or a sniff of pubes…GAWD. “Tommy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

    Nick Youngquest (on the cover) has gone full frontal before in out take pix and is spectacular. This calendar get’s better every year.

    I’m not sure people understand what naked means. Naked does not mean full-frontal pic of someone with a throbbing cock. Naked simply means no clothes. Guess what? They don’t have any clothes on…they’re naked. Get over it.

    That’s what i’m talking obout, yummm!!

    …gee chad NO! Maybe to you but not to the rest of us… we want to see dick and big bushy pubes! Just lots and lots of both or no… it’s not naked! Otherwise it’s just teasing! If you can see it on broadcast TV then it is not naked! So there… you get over it!

    Yum yum. Footballers have the best ass. well next to gymnast and wrestlers.

    wonder if they shave normally or just for the shoot

    these guys have the most beautiful and beefy asses I’ve ever seen.

    Oh, Hells to the yeah!!!!!!!! Bootylicious!!!! 🙂

    i have had 2 3 footballers inthe past who liked
    their ass crask shaved and liked ??

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