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!! OMG, he cries glitter: Antony Hegarty !!

Did you know Antony Hegarty sheds glittered tears? The singer admits as much in the lyrics of the beautiful new Antony & The Johnsons single, “Epilepsy is Dancing”, which now has a bedazzling new music video thanks to the Wachowski Brothers. Starring Antony’s artistic partner Johanna Constantine as a “Deer Monster”, the video takes viewers on a mystical journey into an opulent fantasy world full of cartoon butterflies, shimmering lip gloss and bare-chested interpretive dancers. It’s enough to make both Peter Greenaway and Mariah Carey jealous.

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    Whaaaa!?! A Peter Greenaway reference? You just made my day…well, you and Barack and Rev. Lowery.

    I’ve always found his music to be incredibly overrated. He sounds like the reincarnation of Tiny Tim.

    OMG – Crappy Song with Pretentious Video!

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