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!! OMG, he’s naked: Eric Nies !!

Eric Nies, former teen idol from MTV’s Real World will be featured on VH1’s upcoming reality show called CONFESSIONS OF A TEEN IDOL which documents the rise and fall of heartthrobs. See Eric in all his youthful NSFW glory after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the tip and pics!


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    dang he has a small goob, what a pity

    He has a slamming body.

    So what does he look like now? Some men age well, you know. Some age very well, indeed. ;-P

    thankfully none of us will ever have to worry about getting old …

    what a beautiful boy!!

    I don’t think he’s so bad now, just wandering into old-man crazy-looking territory. There are more pics of him from that book – Google “Bear Pond”, Bruce Weber or his name. Several also feature his equally hot brother.

    He used to be so hot… He looks so unfortch now….

    ah! I remember that photo. It was my desktop image for some while. Seems like ages ago.
    Lovely find.

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