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!! OMG, if they were honest: Movie Posters !!

My god I could have saved millions of dollars on movie tickets. I actually haven’t seen the SATC movie but I figured this is what it was like. See a bunch more time-savers after the jump.
Thanks Kevy.

Tropic Thunder.jpg

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    They’re whiny. You’re whiny. Ugh.

    I thought SATC was a steaming pile. It stomped all over the dignity of pretty much every character who had a shred. Oddly, Samantha ended staying true to herself and Charlotte was, well Charlotte. But Carrie and Miranda and their men? Yeah, pretty much ruined ’em. Hilarious set of posters.

    Yeah, that SITC poster’s sexist. “Whining”. Ugh.

    I don’t see Jennifer Hudson’s face on that poster.

    It turned out to be nothing like I expected. They don’t shy away from the fact they are older, they don’t light them to wash away lines and wrinkles. They are real women and it was fantastic.
    When Carrie completely crashes into deep despair their was nothing even remotely tv sitcom about it.
    The only parts of the show that made it to film were done as nods or hat tipping. To let us know that they know it had been important but we have moved on.
    If you had any fondness for the tv series, I think you will enjoy this film as much as I did.
    Thank god they didn’t fuck up, I would have been bummed.

    It’s a very well-written movie with strong female leads, not something you see come out of Hollywood every day. The poster’s a cheap shot. If by “whining” they mean “reacting to situations like people who feel emotions,” alright. And if by “white women” they mean costar Jennifer Hudson, alright.

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