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!! OMG, why not: Prince Harry Impersonator !!

Apparently a man who looks a lot like Prince Harry, 21-year-old Elliott Gibson, is getting a lot of action now that the real Prince Harry is single.

I kept saying, “I’m not him! I’m not him!” but some really aggressive women started grabbing and pulling at me…I just hope he gets taken off the market again soon – I can’t cope with all this attention.

Yeah…that’s rough.
Read the full story HERE.

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    Shouldn’t aggressive women who “grab and pull” at a monarch be expected to get shot by bodyguards? Or in the U.K., at least billy-clubbed? They know he’s not the real thing, but he’s cute all the same.

    Harry showing his “oh” face. Sexy.

    Still a ranger, wouldnt touch it!

    Another Major Hewitt(sp?) offspring?

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