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!! OMG, you’re doing it wrong: Makin’ Bacon !!

Good morning! Did you have your bacon today? Did you burn it? Well, if you want to know how to cook the perfect strip, CLICK HERE to learn the proper way to make bacon as instructed by some cute li’l bear in the making named Scott Vermeire. It looks helpful, but I didn’t learn a thing – all I heard was “lubrication” and “twenty minutes” before my prostate started twitching and I passed out.

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    I’m glad to know it was not just me that saw this adorable makin’ bacon man, with his furry forearms. I actually watched the whole dang ad. He is so adorable. Can he please sell everything on tv? He can replace that loudmouth tv pitchman Billy whatever his name is with his dyed beard and ever expanding waistline

    OMG, now this guy is a HOTTIE. Screw the movie star nudies we see now and again…Let’s get this hot fucker naked and make some bacon with him. This guy can make me breakfast anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

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